Marrying Daisy Bellamy: The Lakeshore Chronicles #7

Author: Susan Wiggs

Publisher: MIRA Books

Release Date: February 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Daisy Bellamy’s life hasn’t exactly been conventional.  Her parents separated and divorced when she was a teenager, and Daisy rebelled against the changes.  As a result, she’s the single mother of an adorable little boy.  Daisy has since worked hard at building a career, succeeding in college, and creating a good life for herself and her son, Charlie.  She lives in a small, quiet town and while she has plenty of support from friends and family, Daisy has chosen to handle things as much as possible on her own.

Logan O’Donnell is Charlie’s father and to Daisy’s surprise, he immediately took on the responsibilities of fatherhood.  He was expected to follow in his father’s footsteps in college and career, but much like Daisy, Logan opted for independence.  He has problems of his own, but has done an admirable job with Charlie.


Julian Gastineaux has just been commissioned as an officer in the United States Air Force.  Julian lost his father early, was shuffled off to his mother in a tough area in California, and was very nearly a juvenile delinquent when his mother sent him to spend a summer with his older half-brother.  Meeting Daisy Bellamy that summer changed his life.  Who knew he could have a chance at college through ROTC?


Daisy has always put Charlie’s needs first, but she deserves a life beyond motherhood, doesn’t she?  Both Julian and Logan want to be the man in Daisy’s life, but what does Daisy want?


MARRYING DAISY BELLAMY is one of the most emotional books I’ve ever read.  From the incredible joy of pure happiness, to the depths of crushing despair, to that creeping sense of discontent when things just aren’t quite right, there’s not much this story didn’t make me feel right along with the characters.  Throughout the Lakeshore Chronicles series I’ve seen Daisy grow from a rebellious teenager in the midst of a shattering family, to a scared, pregnant teenager, to a responsible, devoted young mother and talented artist.  I have admired her ability to not only see the best in people, but to help them see the possibilities in themselves.  Both Julian and Logan were better for having Daisy in their lives.  I hoped they would all find happiness, whatever the future might bring.  I’ve been wishing for Daisy’s story for a long time, and there’s no question, it was well worth the wait!  I think MARRYING DAISY BELLAMY is the best installment yet in the outstanding Lakeshore Chronicles series.


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