Marrying Mari

Author: Elyse Snow

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: October 16, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Ethan Stone and Gabriel Pryor have had no luck finding a woman who possesses Colony bloodlines that interest them enough to form a mated triad as required by their culture.   They’ve even gone so far as to hire a P.I. to find potential candidates.  Fortunately Okani is smart enough to think outside the box and uncovered a loophole – their mate doesn’t have to be a full-blooded Colony member.  To Ethan and Gabriel’s surprise, Okani has even found a potential candidate living right there in Manhatten.


Mariella ‘Mari’ Amorini doesn’t know anything about the Colony, their rules or her own connection to the culture.  She works as a bike messenger so she doesn’t think anything of it when she’s sent to Colony Bank to pick up a package.  She’s smart enough to know there’s something more at play in this assignment and Ethan and Gabriel make her extremely uncomfortable with their intense perusal – and her own surprising arousal.


Mari wouldn’t have seen Ethan or Gabriel again if it wasn’t for the $1000 tip – obviously either the delivery was hinky (her words, not mine) or they are trying to buy something not for sale.  Either way she fully intends to return the money and let them know in no uncertain terms that she doesn’t appreciate being used.  The last thing she expects is for the men to fill her in on her own background – including facts she didn’t know… and they drop the bomb that they want her to move in with them so they can get to know one another very well and find out just how compatible they’d be.  Mari’s about to get a crash course in all things Colony – and it’s a damn good thing she’s so headstrong and bold because trying to be accepted by such a close minded group is no small feat.  The loving she receives from Ethan and Gabriel certainly make it worth the trouble though. 


MARRYING MARI is an interesting and fun read with unique characters and at times humorous situations.  The premise of such a close-minded culture intrigued me while at the same time I realize that there are certain organizations that are very controlling of their members.  Ethan and Gabriel are very much their own men and being dictated to doesn’t sit well with either of them so I love that they get together with Mari who isn’t what their society deems ‘appropriate.’  It’s almost as if they’re thumbing their nose at the whole cultish community.  Now that being said, Mari is one super cool chick who isn’t going to let anyone walk all over her and Ethan and Gabriel are pretty much living on the outskirts of the Colony anyway with their choices of businesses they own.  The scorching sex certainly more than makes it worth risk alienation for the men by marrying the woman they’ve come to love.  MARRYING MARI is a book that brings about a riot of emotions along with sheer pleasure in how Ethan, Gabriel and Mari stand united in the face of so much opposition.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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