Marrying Max

Author: Nell Dixon

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: June 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5 Blue Ribbons

Format: EBook

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Welcome to Stony Gables, where 7-foot Mr. Smith stands at the bottom of the steps to greet you, wearing a hat and vest.   Equipped with a few gargoyles and needing a little TLC, Stony Gables is the perfect place for a child to grow up; at least that is Thea Sinclair’s opinion.   She spent the best days of her life exploring the nooks and crannies of the house, and hopes to gain the much-needed funds Max Richardson will pay to rent rooms at Stony Gables.   A nursery school teacher, Thea once had grand plans for a home and family, but those were shattered when she returned home to nurse her father and lost the man with whom she was to spend the rest of her life.   Now she has set that entire dream aside to renovate her beloved home a little at a time before the new school year begins.   She didn’t count on Max and his niece stealing her heart in the process.

Growing up in a house full of anger and bitterness, Max and his sister Julia don t know what it s like to have a happy home.   While Julia has married and has a daughter, Emily, Max has sworn off marriage altogether.   He is not going to put a child of his through the same painful childhood as he had with warring parents.  Marriage is for fools and he wants no part of it.   Arriving a Stony Gables, Max is appalled to see the condition the house is in and the eccentric owner with her bum stuck in the window frame; a very attractive bum at that.   But Thea and Stony Gables are not what his sister Julia will approve of to let him care for his young niece while she is away.   Max is used to ultra-modern minimalist decorating, while Thea has a 7-foot grizzly bear in the entryway!   When he hatches a scheme for a pretend engagement with Thea, he has no idea how it will change his feelings about home and family, but most of all, love.


Not the typical “pretend engagement” type of storyline; MARRYING MAX is a fresh and original approach to the pitfalls of being caught in a deception.   Max and Thea are warm and likeable characters that I felt a kinship with and found myself getting caught up in their vulnerabilities.   Though not a hot and steamy read, the author managed to keep the sexual tension humming whenever they shared a scene.   Thea is an eccentric young woman with a warm hearted and loving core.   Max’s attention is rebuilding her depleted self-esteem in a very realistic way, while Max is getting a bird’s eye view of what a good and loving relationship should be.   The storyline is sweet and heartfelt; it is realistically portrayed with a lovely bit of humor thrown in for good measure.   All in all, author, Nell Dixon has written a feel good story that I am happy to recommend.  

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Scarlet

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