By Chrissy Dionne
Dec 15, 2005 - 12:27:00 PM

Chloe is a conservative first grade school teacher. Her twin sister, Zoe, is bold, daring, and a dominatrix. Because of an injury, Zoe needs Chloe to switch places with her. Normally, Chloe wouldn’t dream of something so bold as dominating a man, but something about the idea appeals to her . . . at least this once.

Mark is all alpha male. He’s sex personified in black leather, complete with a leather mask. He’s definitely not the type of man you’d expect to visit a dominatrix, but Mark has an agenda of his own and quickly turns the tables on the pretend dominatrix.


Zoe promised Chloe that she’d tell her everything she needs to know to switch places. Chloe’s dressed up in a black leather bustier and skirt, with her hair done and makeup, when Zoe hands her a mask to wear while with the "client." She explains that there are threes rules to being a dominatrix. Never lose control of the encounter, no sex, and don’t remove the mask. When Mark arrives for his "appointment" Chloe is flustered and has no idea how to go about dominating him, but she’s determined and manages enough self-confidence to enjoy a police type search of his body. Mark however, has his own ideas on how this session should go and Chloe quickly finds herself strapped to a Saint Andrew’s cross and calling him Master. Rule number one is now broken, breaking the rules has never been so much fun. The masks are supposed to preserve anonymity, how will they both feel when the masks come off and his secret is revealed?


MASKS is a truly heart-warming tale that takes two lonely vulnerable people into the realm of BDSM, courtesy of a meddling dominatrix sister. It’s a delight to watch as both Mark and Chloe step outside their comfort zones and take a chance on each other, and the devastating results that occur when Chloe realizes that this "client" is actually a set up. I would love to see another book in the future with a dominant man taking on Zoe. Now there’s a girl that could use a little manhandling.

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