Torrid Tarot - Master Me
By Natasha Smith
Apr 1, 2008 - 8:51:21 AM

Ana is a submissive exploring the BDSM lifestyle.  Her best friend Max is just that, her best friend. Ana is doing her best to find a Dominant to make her his submissive. Sadly she keeps running into men either just looking to be bullies or men playing at the lifestyle.  When Ana tells Max about her latest ‘Master’ she finds herself upside down on Max’s lap receiving the spanking she has always wanted. There is just one problem.  How is Max able to do this so well? Evidently he has kept his inner Dominant hidden from Ana. But no more.

Max has gotten tired of Ana turning to others for what she needs when he is the man for her. When she comes clean about the new Dom she is exploring, frankly, he loses it.  Before he knows it, he has her spread over his lap giving her the spanking she deserves and secretly wants. Max is through playing and he means business. Ana is his and no one is going to stand in his way. 


Ana and Max explore the BDSM world that fascinates and is a lifestyle for the both of them. When a man from Ana’s not to distant past demands retribution for a supposed wrong, will their relationship be able to handle the repercussions?  For if one thing is set in stone it is the fact that Max is never letting Ana go. 


MASTER ME took me on an emotional roller coaster unlike anything I have recently read.  Full of mastery and dominance, Max is a hero that to me is noteworthy and very sexy.  From his growl when displeased to his almost purr when satisfied, he is a hero after my own heart.  MASTER ME by Brynn Paulin will take readers on a quick and vicarious journey through the hidden world of bondage and submission. Readers will be blushing one minute and almost wide eyed the next. I couldn’t put it down and don’t think others will be able to do so either. 




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