Master Nikolai
By Chrissy Dionne
Dec 6, 2006 - 1:55:00 PM

Rose Tyler and Jacob Smith have been collaborating on articles for several years. She is a journalist and Jacob is her assistant and photographer. During the course of their time together they’ve come to love each other like brother and sister. Rose has become intrigued by the Master/slave lifestyle and wants to write a book about it. Jacob is a bit apprehensive about this project but as always he’s there to support Rose in her endeavor.

During one of her earlier assignments Rose met a man named Xanthos who told her about the lifestyle and gave her information on Masters Drake, Dante, and Nikolai. Rose and Jacob’s first interview is with Drake’s submissives Jessica, Ecstasy and Leon. They only agreed to meet with Rose and Jacob in order to keep Master Drake’s name out of the book. The interview goes from bad to worse when Jacob unwittingly begins asking insulting questions about Master Drake. The interview gets cut short and Rose still has questions that she needs answers to - both for her own personal curiosity and her book.

Their next contact is with Master Dante’s submissive Bazil. Only Bazil doesn’t show up alone for their meeting, Master Dante and two guards are with him. Master Dante is furious by the invasion of his and Bazil’s privacy and insists on being present for any questioning. During the interview Rose reveals that she had learned about them and their lifestyle from Xanthos. Dante was trained by Xanthos and knows how manipulative the man can be. He suggests that if she’s interested in learning about the lifestyle then go observe Xanthos before he walks out.

Rose and Jacob then meet with Master Nikolai’s submissive Jade. She answers all the questions that are asked but Nikolai didn’t allow enough time for them to cover all the questions they have or to get a full understanding of the lifestyle. For that they’ll have to go undercover. Rose will go to Master Nikolai as a submissive while Jacob seeks and receives an invitation to Master Drake’s island in order to observe him and his ‘pets.’ Rose and Jacob are about to learn more than they ever thought about the Master/slave lifestyle and even more about themselves.

MASTER NIKOLAI is the latest addition to Justus Roux’s MASTERS series. If you’ve already been reading this series you’ll appreciate the protective nature of both the Masters and their beloved slaves throughout this book. If you haven’t read any of the other books then MASTER NIKOLAI gives you a tantalizing taste of each of these dynamic Masters and the submissives who love them. Rose and Jacob enter into their book project from an outsider’s perspective but soon discover that while the lifestyle isn’t for everyone there are aspects that do appeal to them. I was touched by Rose’s story and her confusion while being with Nikolai, but it’s Jacob’s story that brought me to tears. His time on Master Drake’s island is so open and honest that I truly felt my heart break when it came time for him to leave. Justus Roux fans will truly appreciate MASTER NIKOLAI’s story.

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