Master of Submission 1- Master of Submission

Author: Jan Bowles

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Release Date: April 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Emma Parks had been persuaded by her friend Chloe to travel from London to America to start a law firm with her. The two of them had been best friends while they attended Oxford University.  When Chloe failed to pick up Emma from the airport, she started to worry at why her friend wasn’t answering her phone.  The last time she had heard from her had been five days prior when Chloe was excited about going on a date. 

Emma found Chloe’s apartment empty.  After a week and still no word from Chloe, Emma made the decision to access Chloe’s personal computer to try and gain some clues to her friend’s mysterious disappearance.  On Chloe’s computer, she found reference to a BDSM club called Club Submission.  Through the emails Emma found, it seemed that Chloe was heavily into the BDSM scene.  Since this was the only clue she could find to her friend’s disappearance she decided to borrow some of Chloe’s clothes and go to the elusive club.

At Club SubmissionEmma discovered a sexual world that she never knew existed.  There she witnessed how the masters took their submissive partners to unspeakable heights of ecstasy.  At the ClubEmma catches the eye of Master Zane.  Master Zane is a diamond importer who loves to spend his free time at Club Submission.  Upon seeing Emma, he is enchanted by her beauty and is determined that she will become his submissive slave.

Emma believes that Zane could know something of Chloe’s disappearance.  She follows him home to see if he is able to lead her to anything that could help her find Chloe.  When Zane finds out that Emma has followed him home, he is none too happy.  At Zane’s home, Emma receives a call from the police that ask her to come and identify a body that they believe to be Chloe.

Emma and Zane both rush to the gruesome crime scene.  Emma is heartbroken when she sees her best friend lying lifeless.  The police believe that Chloe’s killer is connected to Club Submission.  Overnight, the club is entangled in a high profile murder investigation.

Will Emma be able to find out the circumstances that led up to Chloe’s death?  Can she learn to trust Zane enough to submit to his demands as he promises to bring her body under his control and take control of her and provide a fantasy beyond her wildest imagination?

MASTER OF SUBMISSION book one of the MASTER OF SERIES is an excellent jump start to what is assured to be one highly addictive series.  Jan Bowles has outdone herself by adding a level of mystery and intrigue centered on her usual BDSM theme.  Whenever this reader/reviewer sees the name Jan Bowles, she knows she is about to experience the best erotic writing that exists.  Jan Bowles is a name that is a legend in the erotic world of romance!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Suzie Housley

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