Master of Submission 2 - Destined for the Dom
By Suzie Housley
Jul 11, 2012 - 2:06:04 PM

dancer Zoe Leighton finds herself down on her luck, she is out of cash and is close to being evicted from her apartment.  Her salvation comes in the form of Hunter Black.  Hunter and she had grown up together in St. Mark’s children’s home in Pittsburgh.  When he was eighteen and she was sixteen, he decided to set out to see what the world offered him.  He made a vow that he would one day return to her; now fourteen years later it seems that he has made good on his promise.

Hunter had joined the Marines and seen many horrific things in the Middle East.  His experience in the service had hardened him towards the world.  When he reconnects with Zoe, he remembers his vow to one day return to her.  He offers her his help out of her dilemma she finds herself in and Zoe readily accepts his offer.

Zoe is intrigued to learn that Hunter is a Dom in the BDSM lifestyle.  He introduces her to Club Submission.  His skillful hands bring her body to unspeakable heights as she becomes his submissive. 

Will Hunter be able to let down his guard down long enough to allow his heart to feel the love that Zoe is willing to give him?  Or is the hardship he has endured in his life has made him incapable of knowing the healing power of love?

MASTER OF SUBMISSION 2 – DESTINED FOR THE DOM is the second book in the MASTER OF SUBMISSION series.  Having read the first in the series, I can assure you that either book can be read as a standalone novel.  MASTER OF SUBMISSION 2 – DESTINED FOR THE DOM features a reunion of two individuals who both have experienced the worst of life situations.  Now reunited, the two of them hope to find the healing balm that will help sooth both their damaged hearts.  This combination of sweet romance combined with a BDSM theme makes for one electrifying reading experience. 

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