Master of the Mountain
By Chrissy Dionne
Sep 1, 2009 - 9:44:21 AM

Rebecca’s relationship with her boyfriend Matt leaves much to be desired.  Ever since they moved in together she’s become extremely dissatisfied with their sex life – especially the fact that he keeps asking her what she enjoys.  Is it too much to ask that he just be tuned into her enough to be able to tell if his technique is working for her?  Obviously their relationship can use some work so when Matt suggests she accompany him to a mountain lodge with his swing club she agrees but playing musical beds holds absolutely no appeal.  This promises to be a miserably long weekend but there may be a few surprises in store for her thanks to the lodge owner.

Logan, the lodge owner, is used to the swingers’ antics but has a policy against getting involved himself.  Something about Rebecca calls to the Dominant in him especially once it becomes obvious that she really isn’t comfortable with her current situation.  When he finds her shivering on his front porch he makes the monumental decision to take her to his own bed.  At first it’s only to warm her up but he soon discovers that Rebecca’s sexual needs don’t lie in multiple partners… she only needs one – a Master.  Rebecca’s a submissive and he’s determined to introduce her to the pleasures that she’ll find in his bed.


Logan’s experiences during the war have left him scared to become seriously involved with any one woman.  That doesn’t stop him from becoming captivated by Rebecca.  She displays an enchanting mix of confidence and bravado with an undeniable vulnerability that he can’t resist.  Rebecca isn’t comfortable with her own scarred plump figure and attempts to keep her flaws covered but Logan won’t allow her to hide from him.  He forces her to face her fears and confront her own sexual desires, but is he ready to admit to his own fears, insecurities and worries?  Logan brings out a side of Rebecca she didn’t know she possessed but just when she thinks it’s possible for her to have it all, he rejects her and sends her away.  Will it be too late to rectify the situation by the time he realizes his mistake?


MASTER OF THE MOUNTAIN by Cherise Sinclair allows readers to join Rebecca on her life altering adventure.  From her troubled relationship with Matt and her feelings about their sex life to her undeniable attraction to Logan Rebecca shows a desire for a little something extra in her sex life yet seems fearful of being rejected.  I was charmed by Logan’s dog, Thor, and Rebecca’s reaction to the large animal.  The fear she has for dogs is obvious and Thor seems to hone in on her alarm.  MASTER OF THE MOUNTAIN has all the traits of a fascinating read yet surprisingly doesn’t evoke the sort of emotional reaction I had expected.


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