Masters at Arms
By Suzie Housley
Jun 1, 2013 - 3:12:21 PM

Master Sergeant Adam Montague had spent twenty two years in the marines.  Nothing in his military career had prepared him for the devastation he felt over the loss of his wife.  As he waits on a bus to take him back to his military life he discovers a runaway teenager.  Karla Paxton is sixteen, and feels it is time for her to go to New York to debut her musical skills.  What Karla didn't anticipate was to encounter some shady characters.  When one man’s advances go beyond her comfort level, she finds herself rescued by Adam.   Adam is everything that other boys her age are not, will she convince him to see her more than a troubled teen?

Damián Orlando worked as a busboy at a ritzy hotel.  Having recently got out of juvenile hall, he knew he could not afford to lose this job.  Since she was a child, Savannah Gentry suffered unspeakable abuse from the hands of her father.  As she matured, he sold her body to the deranged pleasures of high class businessmen.  When Damian sees firsthand the abuse Savannah is enduring with one of her “clients” will he risk his position to come to her rescue?

Marc D’Alesso felt as if he lived in the shadow of his older brother.  With his death, it was his duty to take over the family business.  He regrets that the last words spoken to his brother was one in anger when he learned that he had bedded his fiancée.  Marc knew there was more to life than running the family business.  He wanted to go out and make his own mark in the world, by deciding to join the Navy. When he qualified as a Corpsman, he found that he had been transferred to the Marine Corps instead.  Marc finds himself deep in the heart of the war of Afghanistan.  Will he live to discover the man he was meant to be?

MASTERS OF ARMS is a book that overflows with high action drama, unspeakable pain and suffering, and high intense emotion.  There is no way anyone who reads the pre-sequel this book presents will not want to find out more about these compelling characters and the struggles each one endures.  Kallypso Masters should be proud of her creation of three strong dominate individuals who experience the worst life has to offer.  How each one recovers from what life has dealt them makes for an outstanding work of fiction.

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