Match Me If You Can
By Claudia McRay
Sep 1, 2005 - 12:59:00 PM

Annabelle Granger is considered an underachiever according to her uptight, overachieving parents and siblings.  When her grandmother passes away, she inherits MATCHES BY MYRNA, a matchmaking service.  Annabelle changes it to PERFECT FOR YOU.

Her main objective?  She's determined to get 'The Python' as her client.  Word is out that the wealthy sports agent, Heath Champion, is looking for a wife.  He's currently a client of Power Matches, which Annabelle hopes to change.

Heath Champion is looking for the perfect wife; he just doesn't have the time in his busy schedule to find one on his own.  So far, Portia Powers has not been able to find a woman Heath will go out with more than one time.

There is something about Annabelle that Heath likes.  She's one of the few people who'll tell him exactly what she thinks about him and his life.  Eventually, he insists that Annabelle be present when he meets potential wives-whether they're from her matchmaking service or Portia's.  He allows exactly twenty minutes with each one.

More and more he becomes interested in the person Annabelle really is, he just can't see her as complimenting him and his lifestyle.  When he discovers her friendship with old rival Phoebe Somerville Calebow, owner of the Stars football team, he worms his way into Annabelle's private life.  Can Heath just throw away his old preconceived ideas about the ideal wife and find happiness with someone like Annabelle?  Read it and find out. 

This book is a must read and a keeper.  Susan Elizabeth Phillips has created some of her best characters in MATCH ME IF YOU CAN.  Her wit comes to life in the dialogues between the many characters you'll meet and re-meet.

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