Mating Game

Author: Janice Maynard

Publisher: NAL Trade

Release Date: July 7, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Nola Grainger has just had her world turned upside down. When her grandmother passed away, she bequeathed to Nola her estate, including the beloved old house Nola was raised in, but with one catch. Nola has to marry within thirty days or else the house and everything else in her grandmother’s legacy will pass to someone else. Nola is shocked but determined to hold on to her ancestral home in Resnick, Georgia.

Nola has three prospective grooms in mind but she seems to think her high school sweetheart, Billy, is the man for her. Of course, when he can barely look at her, let alone speak to her, she knows there is something wrong. Then there is Marc, a wealthy commodities broker, he is passionate and sensual and delights in tormenting Nola’s body with his touch. But she just does not think he is ready to settle down. Finally, there is Tanner, a handyman her grandmother hired to fix up her crumbling home. His rough hands and masculinity make her heart speed up. Now she just needs to pick someone before she is run out of town by mysterious happenings at her home. Who is putting Nola in danger? Is it one of her prospective grooms?

MATING GAME is sexy and sizzling. The heat between Nola and her three suitors will raise your eyebrows even as you find yourself connecting with one man in particular. Nola definitely has a tough choice ahead of her. I liked how Nola was willing to give the will a chance. She had a good life before her grandmother’s death, but she did not want to see her home passed on to someone else. She is a woman who believes in the past. Then there are the three men: each is different but makes Nola feel attractive and sensual in unique ways. But her heart is leaning towards someone in particular. Will she trust that choice?

MATING GAME has a heck of a lot of heart and even more romance. While the will storyline may seem a bit farfetched to some readers, I enjoyed watching Nola whittle down her choices to find the best man standing. She was in it for the long haul, not a quickie divorce and had to choose wisely. Janice Maynard gives romance a sweet and sultry side in MATING GAME.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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