Maverick's Black Cat

Author: Maggie Casper & Lena Matthews

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: September 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Catarena is an aspiring writer who is trying to write a book set with a background of BDSM.  In order to find out more about it, she decides to go to some of the websites and chat with some of the people there.  She's having little luck understanding what drives them, because nobody really seems to be able to explain it.  Just as she's about to give up she meets Maverick.  He makes a deal with her... Do everything he says and he will make her understand what being a submissive is all about.  Thinking that she is anything but submissive, Caterna decides to give it a try.  Little does she know just how much she's going to like this experiment.

Maverick is a dominant, but had decided long ago that living in the middle of BDSM scene isn't for him.  He's only online because someone has asked him to meet them in the chat room, and he is just about to leave when Black Cat shows up.  She intrigues him right from the start, and his dominant tendencies surge to the front. She doesn't want them to meet outside of the internet, and for this intriguing new challenge he's willing to give it a try.  He doesn't count on how much control he needs to have when it concerns one certain woman.


MAVERICKS BLACK CAT is a great story, with two wonderful characters that kept me glued to the screen throughout.  Caterna (aka Black Cat) is a strong woman who finds out that while she likes to be dominated in the bedroom, being dominated outside it is another matter altogether.  Mason (aka Maverick) has his own issues with control, and doesn't want to let Caterna out of his sight.  As the two struggle to find a compromise, I found myself cheering them on every step of the way.  I had fun reading MAVERICKS BLACK CAT, and it truly deserves every bit of the 5 blue ribbon rating.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Julia

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