Maverick's Black Cat
By Rosie Bindra
Nov 15, 2005 - 1:44:00 AM

Catarena Vaughn is a writer trying to find her niche.  She's been toying with the idea of writing a story about BDSM, but knows nothing about the topic.  To learn more about it, she joins a chat room under the name BlackCat, hoping to find someone who's willing to talk to her about BDSM.  For the most part all she found were some very freaky people, that is, until she stumbles upon Maverick.

Mason Benedict, AKA Maverick, is online waiting for his latest fluff piece when BlackCat strikes up a conversation with him.  Something about her turns him on right off the bat.  He's intrigued by her sassy-mouth retorts and sarcastic comebacks.  Deciding to make it a mutually beneficial relationship for both of them, Maverick agrees to answer her questions about BDSM if she agrees to have a cyber relationship with him.

What starts off as research for Catarena quickly turns into something more.  Maverick makes her do and feel things that she wouldn't have dreamed of.  The thought of getting spanked never sounded like something she would want to partake in, but thinking about Maverick doing it to her, makes her body tingle.  But what will happen once these two discover each other's true identities?
I quite enjoyed MAVERICK'S BLACK CAT.  BDSM isn't a topic I have any interest in, but I found the book was more about establishing a relationship and learning to trust someone.  Catarena and Mason are wonderful characters that draw you into their story.  Mason is the more dominant, wanting everything to be when he says, where he says, but Catarena isn't one to back down either.  They make a wonderful couple.  There was a teaser side story involving Mason's best friend Sebastian and Catarena's roommate Bailey that makes me think there may be a story featuring them coming in the future.  If there is, it's definitely one to watch for.

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