SG-5 Series - Maximum Exposure
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 12, 2009 - 11:54:52 AM

Finn McLain has had his fair share of bizarre assignments but this one has taken on a strange twist that is definitely well worth standing up and taking notice.  Finn’s agreed to investigate Miami boutique manager Roland Green for a ‘lovesick client’ but it’s the boutique owner who’s captured his attention and her proposition isn’t one he’s taking lightly.

Boutique owner Olivia Hammond is a bright sassy woman who’s well aware of her own appeal and has no qualms with using her body to achieve her goals.  As she’s told Finn she has a friend who owns an art gallery and is interested in showcasing pictures of her and she would like to hire him to take pictures of her in all her exhibitionist glory.


Finn isn’t quite sure how he managed to find himself in such a strange situation but Olivia’s proposition is certainly appealing.  She’s a beautiful woman with a sensual nature and he’s very interested in learning all her secrets and taking pictures of her won’t be a hardship either.  Of course there’s still the matter of finding out all there is to know about Roland but that should be much easier now that he has an ‘in’ with Olivia.  Finn and Olivia’s relationship quickly heats up and she’s forced to decide if she’s willing to let him get to know the real her, or just the woman she presents to the world.  As if the situation with Olivia isn’t complicated enough, Finn’s investigation of Roland has some unexpected and stunning twists that add a dangerous element that he hadn’t anticipated. 


Alison Kent unquestionably is a master at blending suspense and sexual tension so that readers are drawn into the storylines and held captive throughout the entire book.  Olivia’s sensual nature is quite a lure for Finn and I couldn’t help but find great humor in how she uses her body to her advantage.  She’s an intelligent woman with a naughty side and it’s oddly stimulating.  Finn is straight-laced and fairly conservative which makes his pairing up with Olivia so delightfully wicked.  Their relationship is fascinating all by itself but throw in Finn’s investigation and any conceptions you may have about this story being tame for even a moment will quickly fall by the wayside. 


MAXIMUM EXPOSURE is the ninth story in the SG-5 series.  It’s a whole series about a group of spies who give their all in any mission - professionally and personally. For other titles in this series visit this page on Alison Kent’s website:


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