Calendar Boys: May: Corazon
By jhayboy
Sep 8, 2008 - 10:00:58 AM

Anton Rocha, a carpenter working on a construction site and engaged to Miguel sister, Petra, is hiding a secret and not the fact that he is secretly in love with his fiancés brother’s boyfriend. When he gets the chance to spend some time with Mason, he finds himself unable to resist him, even with him knowing his secret.

MAY: CORAZON in the CALENDAR BOY’s Series could not be more aptly named. Anton wants to do the right and honourable thing, not only for his sake but because of promises made. He will make any sacrifice, even letting the man of his heart go, in order to do the right thing.


While Mason has no choice but to accept Anton’s reason for going through with a wedding to someone he doesn’t love, he hopes for a different parting between them. When he has a chance to think, he knows that he will accept nothing less than everything from Anton.


When you can’t have your heart’s desire, it makes a difference as Anton quickly realizes.  He goes about making changes to his life in order to give his heart what it wants – it’s Corazon.

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