Mayan Nights
By Charity
Jul 18, 2006 - 1:21:00 PM

The Professor, SinJin, is pretty upset when he sees a woman struggling up the road in nothing less than a business suit and barefoot.  She would never make it here-if she managed a week he would be surprised.  He needed a serious assistant, not a lady of society.  Well, she wouldn't have the chance to fail because he was going to send her back on the next bus.

Too bad Tamara has other ideas and none of them include getting back on that rickety bus.

If the sun weren't enough to scorch her skin, the heat coming off SinJin was blistering.  The fire brigade didn't possess enough water to put out the flames of passion erupting between the two.  And Tamara enjoyed fanning those flames, interrupting his thoughts and concentration.  It would help if she would keep her sexy body covered better and her hands off of his skin.  She was enjoying herself too much to be here just for the paper.  Maybe she was really dedicated to the dig site. 

Therese MacFarland creates a scorching background and sensual relationship.  The intense atmosphere surrounding these two characters creates a stirring deep within the Yucatan jungle.  MAYAN NIGHTS is HOT and will keep the fires burning for a long time after you put it down. 

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