McClellan's Bluff Y/A
By Yasmine
Jan 1, 2005 - 8:16:00 AM

Leslie Cahill goes along with her dad to look at bulls to buy at a neighboring ranch. Even though she is currently dating
Jordan, she immediately falls for Sloan Stroh upon first meeting him. She daydreams all day about the tough and straight to the point cowboy and asks her father's permission to see him. When her dad tells her no, due to the fact that she is 17 and Sloan is 28, she begins to sneak and meet with him after school.

Not only are Leslie's hormones in overdrive, but her dad is getting pretty serious about the woman in his life and it seems as if he might pop the question. Leslie's mom had died in a car accident 11 years prior and she knows her dad is lonely, but isn't too happy on him being with someone else. With the possible new stepmom hanging in the balance, Leslie may also get a new stepsister who seems just way too weird for her.


As things warm up between Leslie and Sloan, despite many warnings from her family, she insists she knows what she is doing. That is until something from her past is brought up and old wounds are reopened. Growing up in McClellan's Bluff isn't easy for a girl Leslie's age, but she still needs to learn one of life's biggest lessons; as well as go through the joy's and pain of young love. Can Leslie make the right decisions as well as open up her heart to a possible extended family?


I really got into the reading of Mary E. Trimble's McCLELLAN'S BLUFF. Leslie was a character that started out as words on paper and quickly turned into a girl whose laughter and tears I felt myself. I recommend this book because when you need positive and loving people in your life, family is most important and this book proves it.


Reviewed by Young Adult Reviewer, Yasmine 13

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