McKettricks of Texas: Austin
By Suzie Housley
Jul 2, 2010 - 4:20:17 PM

All of Austin McKettrick’s dreams died the day he suffered a rodeo injury that ended his career.  He returned to the Silver Spur ranch to recover.  There, he learns his two brothers have found the love of their lives and wish to see Austin as happy as them.  Against Austin’s wishes, they hire Paige Remington to nurse him back to health.

Paige Remington's sisters are scheduled to marry Austin’s brothers; with the joining of families she knows that they must at least be civil to one another.  Austin tries her patience as he refuses to accept her help in his recovery.  She is determined to get the tough as nail cowboy back on his feet and fully recovered no matter what it takes.  Austin tries everything to push Paige out of his life, but she is too stubborn to listen to him. 


Will these two strong willed individuals be able to put their pride aside long enough to see the love forming beneath their eyes?


MCKETTRICKS OF TEXAS: AUSTIN is the third book in a highly addictive series by Linda Lael Miller.  This book can be read as a standalone or as a series; to get the maximum benefit out of this series I encourage you to seek out the back listed titles.  Austin is a symbol of a true blue cowboy; having been injured only heightens his appeal.  Paige is the type of no nonsense woman who is strong enough to tear down the walls built around Austin’s heart.  Beloved characters such as these come along very rarely in the romance world.  When you discover them you feel as though you have been rewarded with a very special gift. 

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