Me, Myself and Why?
By Wendy
Sep 1, 2010 - 11:15:09 AM

Cadence Jones works for the FBI, and she is very good at her job. She has a gift that is very valuable on a crime scene; multiple personality disorder. When Cadence can't put the puzzles together, sometimes it takes one of her "sisters" to help her out.

Shiro, one of Cadence's alternate personalities, is the tough one. When someone needs to be brought to their knees, Shiro is the one who comes through. She's direct, bold and has no qualms about getting what she wants. Adrienne is the other personality, being very violent and physical, she doesn't come out to play much, but when she does, she tends to leave very big messes.

When Cadence and her partner George are called to a crime scene, they realize it is the work of the Threefer Killer, thus named because he kills in threes. But Cadence finds that something is off about the scene, almost like the killer is trying to leave her a personal message. Her other sisters scope out the scene as well, yet all they find are newspaper clippings and Shakespeare sonnets, but no hard evidence.

When Cadence meets her best friend's brother, she is awed by how handsome he is, but speechless when she finds out he knows about her gift and he still wants to date her. He likes the unexpected and has no problem taking any of the "sisters" out. Cadence wants to run far far away, but her heart keeps tugging her back.

Cadence has to see a psychiatrist regularly, but lately, he has wanted to integrate the sisters, and the idea of it terrifies them. Cadence watched her mother murder her father when she was young, and since that time, the sisters began to develop. To live her life without them is senseless and wrong, and she refuses to do it.

ME, MYSELF, AND WHY? is the first in a new series by acclaimed best-selling author MaryJanice Davidson. At first, I was very confused as the sisters switched in and out, but Ms. Davidson does such a terrific job of character development that I knew who was who quickly. Laugh-out-loud funny with a twist of suspense brings this story to life. Cadence, Shiro and Adrienne are compelling, yet entertaining characters that I look forward to knowing better in future works. Absolutely delightful!

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