Meagan's Chance

Author: L. C. Monroe

Publisher: Samhain

Release Date: 7/10/07

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Meagan O’Hare has lived with her share of pain. She’s recently divorced and attempting to rebuild her life. Between her ex’s infidelity and her inability to have a child of her own, she’s just a little lost. Hoping to find herself, she takes a sabbatical from work, heads off to visit friends and finds herself placed right in the middle of the family she has always wanted.

Adam McAllister is a widower and a single father. He survived a tumultuous childhood and is determined to make sure his children have a safe and stable life. He likes order and his routine, but Adam is about to have his well-regimented life shaken up a bit. Trusting his faith, he puts the care of his two children in the hands of Meagan, a woman he’s just met.

Meagan is a free spirit, but her life is still rooted in her faith. She believes the Lord has a plan for her and she is willing to follow wherever his path may lead her. I found her to be a compassionate and loving character who was willing to continue giving even at her heart’s own expense. She’s been knocked down quite a few times, yet she still finds a way to keep moving forward, her trust in God never wavering. She is strong and vulnerable at the same time, she is more than deserving of a second chance at love.

Adam is a man in need of love and a partner; he just doesn’t know it. He thinks he needs a nanny for his children when in fact he really needs that special someone to share the burdens of life and its joys. He is driven and completely one-sighted when it comes to his children. His lack of stability in life has made him all the more determined to see his son and daughter have all the security he can provide. Adam comes across as controlling and staid, but I still found myself liking him and I found him to be very intriguing. It was quite fun to watch him stumble about as Meagan shook his and the children’s world up a bit.

Jason and Mandy McAllister added so much to this book. Their manipulations and willingness to love were amazing. They both wanted so much more than just another nanny and they were more than willing to help God along in any way they could. Throughout the story, we are shown glimpses of their feelings and desires, and you couldn’t help but fall in love with them a little after every page.

This was my first foray into the inspirational genre. I admit that I was attracted to this particular story because of the author. L.C. Monroe may seem like a new author to readers, but in her off hours she writes as Lucy Monroe. Just like her better known half, L.C. Monroe pens a story that engrosses and speaks to the reader. The emotions and depth of this book were so consuming that at one point I was in full-blown tears. I had to stop reading to wipe them away just so I could see the screen to keep reading.

This touching and deeply moving story is so much more than just a romance between a man and a woman; it’s more than just a book that centers on faith and belief, it’s a journey and in the end a family is born. MEAGAN’S CHANCE is beautifully written and is one of the best books I’ve read all year.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jenn L

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