Means To An End - Monique Moreaux Redemption series, Book 1

Author: Elizabeth Romero

Publisher: Two Harbors Press

Release Date: Aug. 15, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Ashby Devereaux was born into a world of poverty, fear and abuse. On their seventeenth birthday, her twin brother Danny ran away from home to find a better life. Danny tried to get Ashby to go with him but she couldn’t leave their mother for fear of what their stepfather would do to her. Ashby has been physically abused by her stepfather for years but now she is being sexually abused as well. Ashby decides she must leave after the latest beating that has taken days to get over. She gathers her meager belongings and sets out for New Orleans to find her brother Danny. Ashby figures this is where Danny has gone because their mother’s parents live there.

When Ashby gets to New Orleans, she finds a job as a cleaning woman in a bordello. Ashby changes her name to Monique and stays quiet and small to keep people from noticing her. She figures the law is looking for her because of the events that happened the night she left home. She doesn’t tell anyone where she is from and just keeps to herself.


Monique meets an artist on the street and immediately forms a bond with Bebet. Bebet comes from an abusive family past as well. Monique and Bebet become fast friends. A private investigator shows up in town looking for Ashby (aka Monique) and her brother. Bebet tells Monique so she can lay low for awhile.


About the same time, Judge Bradley Moreaux asks Monique to come live at his house. Bradley has developed an interest in her and would like to get to know her better. Monique decides his home would be a good place to hide and she has developed a liking for him as well. Bradley finds out about the investigator and decides to do some checking himself. Will Judge Moreaux find some answers or will Monique run away to try to keep her past unknown?


MEANS TO AN END is the first book in the MONIQUE MOREAUX series. It shows the life lead by a brave, resilient and fascinating woman, which pushes her toward the life path she is on. You cheer for Ashby as Monique is born and the strong woman emerges. This book starts out a little slow until the girl finally claws, scratches and defends her life towards a new beginning. The pages just fly by and you cry for joy to see the brave woman get what she deserves, a good life and her family back. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good story of rags to riches and a young girl who becomes a woman the hard way. Great read.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Diana S

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