Measuring Up
By Belle Rouge
May 1, 2006 - 1:23:00 PM

The last person Ty expected to show up at his work site was Nicolette Jeanne Paige, vixen personified. Yet there she was, in the flesh. He couldn't help but wonder when little Nicki had grown-up and filled out like that. Ty is used to protecting Nicki from men like himself. Now he's wishing she'd fall in love with him.

He's trying to win the construction industry's coveted Key Award. Add to that an ex-girlfriend's allegations of paternity and the last thing Ty has time for is romance. Yet before he knows what's happening, he and Nicki are putting their heads together on the jobsite and in the bedroom. For the first time in a relationship, Ty has too much to lose. He needs Nicki's help to win the Key Award, her friendship is irreplaceable, but with double standards and a secret paternity suit, he knows he's already lost. Will he ever be able measure up to kind of man Nicki deserves?

MEASURING UP is a story that delves into the lives of two characters who hide a lot of their fears and insecurities from each other and the outside world. Watching them grow and learn to trust was charming. Penny Dawn has created a tale that is solid, funny, touching and interesting. Her hero is tasty, her heroine is realistic and her secondary characters compliment the plot.

Ty and Nicki will keep the reader on their toes. Nicki is stubborn, headstrong, sexy and single. Ty is stubborn, bossy, sexy and single. However, the road to the land of happily ever after is full of potholes and our hero and heroine do not have an easy journey. There are several issues that must be faced before this couple stands a chance at a future together. Ms Dawn does a very good job of keeping those issues real.

MEASURING UP is a book for the romantic at heart. It has an interesting plot that will keep you turning the pages and characters that you can relate to. This book is a worthwhile read that I enjoyed and readily recommend. Penny Dawn has created a hero and heroine that bring this story to life.

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