Meet Your Mate
By Chrissy Dionne
Mar 16, 2008 - 10:13:03 AM

Security specialist Gabrielle ‘Brielle’ Chapman isn’t happy about her uncle’s request that she go undercover as a contestant on the reality TV show Meet Your Mate.   Her intuition is screaming that taking the assignment is a bad idea but her uncle pulls his trump card.   The potential groom has received several threats and he’s the son of a man her uncle had served with in Korea.   Brielle’s already had a terrible experience while undercover on a reality TV show and has no desire to repeat it.  

Former Army Ranger Jack ‘Dodger’ Anderson isn’t really enthusiastic about participating in the reality television show, but he sure isn’t going to stand by and leave his brother vulnerable to a unknown person who’s been issuing threats toward him.   He’s been by Matthews side guarding him and pretending to help him find a mate, the last thing he needs is the distraction of a new contestant vying for his brother’s attention.


Brielle isn’t comfortable with the fact that she’s supposed to keep the true reason for her being on the show from Jack.   There’s no doubt he’ll be resentful of the deception.   As luck would have it once she arrives, she’s introduced to Matt and realizes that she recognizes the man standing next to him as a man she’d noticed and desired from a previous assignment.   She’d dubbed the man ‘Dodger’ because of the baseball hat he always wore.  


The sexual attraction she feels for Jack is a distraction Brielle can’t afford.   She’s determined to catch the person who keeps leaving threats and for some reason almost all of them seem to be targeting her.   Jack hasn’t been able to figure out the source of the threats and he’s growing increasingly concerned - especially since it seems that Brielle is determined to antagonize the perpetrator into making a mistake.  


For Brielle, uncovering the culprit so that she can get on with life and be honest with Jack about the real reason she’s on the show is imperative.   But everything isn’t as it seems as they’ll soon find out when the MEET YOUR MATE show takes on a surprising twist.


I absolutely adored this book for the simple reason that I was so caught up in the mystery behind the threats and Jack and Brielle’s ‘romance’ that I wasn’t able to put the story or the characters out of my head long enough to get anything accomplished.   Donna Michaels puts a fascinating spin on the ho hum of reality television that captivated me and kept me guessing and just when I thought I had it all figured out I discovered that I couldn’t have possibly been more wrong.   Jack and Brielle are perfect for each other.   They’re both strong, determined individuals with a healthy dose of downright sexiness.   MEET YOUR MATE is a fun read full of quirky characters and unexpected events and it’ll definitely keep readers entertained through every emotionally appealing moment - regardless of which bachelor you find more appealing.

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