Meeting Mr. Right Online
By Lorelei Mattison
Jan 10, 2009 - 5:50:31 AM

For eight months, Lucinda Kelley has been carrying on an online friendship with Julian, a man she has never met but longs to someday. She can’t stop thinking about him and when she doesn’t hear from him for three days, she can’t help but wonder what is wrong. Lucinda fears that she might never hear from him again, and that would be just too hard for her to bear. She thinks very highly of him, and cares far too much about having him in her life, to let their internet relationship fade away. But as the minutes tick by and she doesn’t hear a word from him, she starts to realize that maybe she needs something a little more tangible in her life. She decides she wants a real man in front of her, not words that stretch across her screen.



However, just when Lucinda starts to become aggravated with Julian and his disregard for her friendship, she gets the surprise of her life. Perhaps she and Julian have the potential to be much more than pen pals online. He might just prove to be what she has been looking for.


MEETING MR. RIGHT ONLINE is a sweet, light love story that proves you never know who you might meet when you log on to the internet. Ms. Green pens a modern day love story set in the online arena that has an element of surprise. It is a charming inspirational romance. Lucinda is a perfect example of the modern woman looking for love in what seems to be the most likely of places, and then finds love right in front of her. I found her independence and witty internal banter amusing and appealing. Julian is a sexy counterpart for her who turns out to be a sweet, sexy man in the flesh and on-line. Fall in love with Lucinda as she struggles in her quest for MEETING MR. RIGHT ONLINE.  


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