Meeting a Neighbor’s Needs
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 19, 2008 - 3:46:41 AM

At the age of thirty Gina is ready to embark on a new chapter in her life.  She’d put off college for several years and has recently graduated.  She’s finally moved into her own apartment complete with a gorgeous neighbor who resembles George Clooney.  While she soon finds him the object of her every fantasy, she never acts on her desires and it’s more than a year before her ‘good girl’ lifestyle gets thrown to the wind - all because of a ‘dare’ thrown down after he mentions her boyfriend’s lackluster bedroom performance. 

George lives in the apartment next to Gina’s so he’s well aware that she isn’t finding satisfaction with her current boyfriend’s lovemaking.  While he’s often seen Gina in passing in the hallway they’ve never acted on their attraction, but when he mentions that she shouldn’t share her bottle of wine with her boyfriend until ‘after.’  According to him it will only make Bob’s control problem worse.  During the course of their conversation things turn decidedly sexual and the gauntlet gets tossed down with her comment ‘promises, promises.’


Unfortunately George was right and Bob’s performance leaves much to be desired.  She’s already aware the relationship isn’t going anywhere and she’s tired of having to take care of her own needs after he’s finished.  She’s saved from having to actually inform him that they’re over by George’s unexpected arrival at a crucial moment.  With the simple words “Get lost, Bob” George takes control of the situation and seizes the opportunity to take care of Gina’s needs. 


George soon begins introducing her to some wild and unique experiences that are as discomforting as they are arousing.  She’ll have to decide if she wishes to continue down the unusual sexual journey they started and if so does she have limits? 


Racy and decidedly kinky, this is a book that will take readers on an adventure they won’t soon forget.  I found myself shocked at how arousing I found some of the scenes and overwhelmed by some of the others.  There isn’t a whole lot of character development, though we do get glimpses of Gina’s feelings and confusion over George’s behavior and demands.  I found George to be dominant in an almost scary way but maybe that’s just because it’s hard to get a real ‘feel’ for him.  Told entirely in first person MEETING A NEIGHBOR’S NEEDS concentrates on Gina’s feelings, desires, fears and her acceptance of her need for more than a traditional lifestyle.

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