Megalodon Team: Harrier’s Healer
By Angel
Dec 6, 2006 - 4:36:00 PM

Alexis Rogets is a naval doctor and very good at her job.  She only has one weakness and that’s Scott Leighton.  For years the man has tormented her both awake and sleeping.  She has no intentions of acting on the feelings she has for him.  When he shows up on her doorstep hurt, she does the only thing she can do.  In the end will she regret her decision?

Scott Leighton is a SEAL and one of the most dangerous men in the navy.  For two years he has watched and dreamed about Alexis, but not daring to make a move.  He wants to make her his in every way, but fears how she will react to him.  When he gets hurt, he goes to the one place he knows he will find help.  Of course it also means that he will bring danger right to her door.


Excitement is the staple in HARRIER’S HEALER. Readers will never experience a dull moment.  Scott is the hero and boy can he send shivers down your spine.  He gives new meaning to the word hot, but at the same time he is awesome character and readers will love discovering the layers that he hides.  Alexis is sassy and has major attitude which is just what Scott needs.  Together they make a dynamite couple that readers will certainly enjoy.  Aliyah Burke is a wonderful author and her sparkling characters and suspenseful plots makes her one to watch.

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