Meghan's Playhouse, Book 5 - Meg's Folly

Author: Adriana Kraft

Publisher: Whiskey Creek

Release Date: 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Meghan Kennan, an actress and a matchmaker, brings together couples, sharing sexual experiences with each of them and determining their suitability for each other.  She has the lead in a new contemporary comedy play at the Summer Shakespeare Festival in
Utah, but she feels that matchmaking is her calling.  She has united several very successful couples, and still continues to interact with them.  Not wanting too much responsibility since she doesn’t like being tied down too much, she does not even consider marriage for herself.  As she is now, she is free to work on and off Broadway, Vegas, summer theater and even cruise ships.  But she feels like she is not accomplishing anything. Lately, she has had two partners, Philip and Camila.

Josh Hendricks, Meg’s sometimes lover and longtime friend, arrives at the Summer Shakespeare Festival from a theater guild in London with one purpose in mind.  He is in love with Meg and is determined to get her to marry him, but he knows he will have to slowly work his way into proposing. She has made it plain from the beginning that she is not into exclusivity, but he wants her as she is.  He is hopeful that she is alone so they can get reacquainted.  He wrote a contemporary comedy, the same one in which Meg is appearing, and figures he will surprise Meg after being away for almost eighteen months.  Their relationship has lasted over eight years, but he is not sure if Meg even considers it a relationship.  However, he is the only non-married man with whom Meg has ever had a continuing relationship. 


Although he suddenly just showed up, Meg feels she has just the girl for him, Camila, a UCLA grad student doing her summer internship at the festival.  In fact, Meg has rented Camila a room of the huge house she rented for the summer.  The matchmaking actress feels that Camila and Josh have a lot in common since Camila’s goal is directing, although she is a playwright and an actress, and she shares Meg’s bed.  She also figures if they get together, she can still party with them now and again, as she does with the other couples she put together.


What Meg is not aware of is that Josh is serious about making her his wife.  He has been warned by one of their mutual friends that getting her to agree to marriage will not be easy, but he already knows that.  The fact that she demonstrates so much passion for others is one of the things he loves about her, and he does not want to change that.  He is just tired of the transatlantic relationship that doesn’t seem like a relationship.


Right off Camila sees Josh’s interest in Meg, which is fine with her, as she has no plans to settle down.  Coming to an agreement, Camila and Josh decide to play, feeling they can make Meg jealous.  But will their plan work, especially after Camila makes it plain to Meg that if she snares Josh, there will no longer be any sharing.  Did Meg make a mistake this time in her matchmaking?


MEG’S FOLLY is an erotic contemporary romance that is so super-steamy; you can practically see flames shooting from the pages.  Although author Adriana Kraft makes clear the love Josh holds for Meg, readers cannot help but wonder how it will turn out when Camila suddenly seems to change somewhat after getting an acting part in LA.  Readers will keep turning pages to see if she can coax Josh into leaving Utah to go to her in California.  Sizzling hot and inventive sex scenes with various partners and genders perfectly blends with charismatic characters, an intriguing plot and imagination to make a story that will entertain and titillate its readers. The truly spicy story, MEG’S FOLLY, is not for the timid or faint of heart.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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