Melody's Knight
By Sherri Myers
Aug 26, 2003 - 10:45:00 PM

Melody Laurent had moved to America from Great Britain and was looking for love. Her best friend Nikky had recently gotten married and moved out of the apartment they had shared. Melody was feeling lonely and was hoping to find a man who she could share the rest of her life with. Never had she imagined that she would find him so near.

Avery Knight was a "good-old" boy from southern Oregon. He was working as a firefighter and had just broken up with his blond girlfriend in the park. He also had a disobedient puppy named Barney who was always running away from him. And he just happened to live two doors down from Melody in the same apartment building.


Melody decided one evening to go for a walk in the park and had leaned against a tree to catch her breath when she felt something land on her foot. Incredulously, she discovered a diamond engagement ring! Hearing voices, she quietly walked over near a park bench and eavesdropped on the conversation. Hearing the two people discussing their breakup, she decided to follow the man home to return his ring. She couldn't believe it when he went into her apartment building. Deciding to wait till the next day to return the ring, Melody goes off to sleep to dream about the handsome stranger.


Upon knocking on Avery's door the next morning, a streak of blond fur flashes by when the door opens and Melody finds herself on her butt. She helps to catch the puppy in the park and then invites Avery to her apartment for tea and scones. Melody remembered the best way to a man's heart was through his stomach and this was one man's heart she was interested in!


This book is great for one of those times when you want to read a shorter love story and don't want to have a lot of heavy storytelling to weigh you down. This was a wonderfully delightful love story with only a few characters to keep track of and is great for a "long-day wind-down" when you don't want to get involved in a detailed book before falling asleep. I enjoyed this book and would recommend it when you are in need of a "quickie" romantic fix.

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