Melting Point - Hot in Chicago #1.5
By Jo
Sep 12, 2015 - 9:00:10 PM

MELTING POINT (HOT IN CHICAGO #1.5) is Gage's story along with his pursuit of Brady, the chef that we met in book one, FLIRTING WITH FIRE.  While an M/M romance is out of my comfort zone I was pleased there was a storyline outside of the romance.

Meader's MELTING POINT was hard for me to get into. Brady was a hard character to like and it took until almost the end of the novella to find out what made him the way he was personality wise.  The downside for me was that Gage who was so comfortable in his own skin and who he was had so many doubts when it came to Brady and it colored his world and didn't make him very likable.  I loved that the others we met in book one at least made a cameo appearance in this book but would have liked them to have more of a presence.

There are family, friends, histories to learn, secrets, fear, belligerence, anger, hurt, sadness, injuries, tears, laughter and a happily ever after in the offing.  There are many burn up the sheets moments both in and out of bed along with a lot of public displays of affection.  There was closure in the inclusion of the epilogue.

Meader is a new to me author only having read book one in this series, FLIRTING WITH FIRE. I look forward to reading more of her books in this series, PLAYING WITH FIRE and SPARKING THE FIRE, as well as some of her other books.  I hope they return us to more of a contemporary romance feeling.

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