Melting Ice
By Natasha Smith
Jul 5, 2008 - 9:54:11 AM

Brian Fuller is the son of the Police Commissioner.  Because of this, he has to work extra hard to make sure no one assumes he gets special considerations because of his father.  When his immediate supervisor asks him for sexual favors and Brian turns him down, he finds himself at the mercy of a violent gang and subsequently kidnapped and held as a hostage.  Brian knows that the leader of the gang is called “Ice” and when he finally meets him for the first time, he is captivated.

Estevan Dias is the leader of the Diablos, a notorious gang.  Known by the gang members as “Ice” he has to be tough in order to maintain control over the members of the gang.  When Brian Fuller is brought in by two members, Ice instantly realizes their captive is a cop - and that is not good news at all.  If there is one thing that Ice does not need its a cop sniffing around in his business.  No matter that the cop is a hostage and Ice desires him. 


Ice and Brian each try to deny the feelings they invoke in each other.  No matter what Ice feels for Brian and Brian feels for Ice, things are not what they seem.  Ice has an agenda and Brian has no idea what it is.


MELTING ICE doesn’t cut corners on suspense and intrigue.  Each character has secrets and, in turn, each has a hard time trusting the other.  While Brian is still "in the closet", Ice is nonchalant and doesn’t worry about his sexuality.  Together, the interactions between these two men are intense and compelling.  I watched their relationship develop and this kept me enticed the entire book. 


MELTING ICE was released by Mojocastle Press in April.  It is chock full of fierce masculine emotions and hot drama. I was pulled in to the story and hated to see it end. 

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