Melting Ms. McCool
By Sarah W
Aug 14, 2004 - 7:39:00 PM

Kerry-Lee McKenzie loves being a nurse. She takes her job very seriously, so when a new doctor starts at her hospital, she wants to welcome him, but instead only feels animosity towards Dr. Wade Webster as he doesn't seem to know a bedpan from a saline drip. When he faints during an emergency procedure, she loses even more respect for his abilities as a doctor.

Benjamin Grant just landed a brand new role on the soap opera Southern Charm. Unfortunately he needs to find out what happens in an ER, so he's watching and learning and getting in Kerry's way as Dr. Wade Webster. It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't always faint at the sight of a needle, but faint he does, time and time again. When he goes to Kerry's apartment to explain why he's fainted, he gets a surprise. Ben had been warned earlier that Kerry was known as Ms. McCool around the hospital because she was never seen with a guy or she always seemed to blow off any flirting. When Kerry answers the door in her robe, wet from a bath, he can't help but kiss her. But now that he's started, how will he stop?

Kerry does not want nor need a relationship with another chauvinistic doctor. After one bad experience, she's sworn off romance, but Dr. Webster continues to get under her skin time and again. When she sees him in a porn movie, as the water boy, she's not sure what to believe. Is Wade a doctor or is he something else entirely?

MELTING MS. MCCOOL was a sweet story to read. Though I was a little skeptical by how obvious it was that Ben was anything but a doctor, Jennifer Lynn did a good job of showing Ben's aptitude for learning about the medical field. He tried to live up to his role, but his fainting just kept getting in the way. It was quite funny to see Dr. Studly, as Kerry affectionately called him, faint at the mere sight of a needle. It added some humor to the more serious relationship of Kerry and Ben.

I found Kerry's transformation from cool-headed nurse to a bundle of nerves around Ben very realistic. It's the way any woman might feel around the man she is falling in love with. Ben was an equally sweet hero and Ms. Lynn poignantly showcased his downfall from bachelor to lovelorn suitor. Their happy ending isn't in the bag though. Be sure to read MELTING MS. MCCOOL to find out how Ben and Kerry finally decide that being together is the most important thing in the world.

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