Melting Point: The Hot Zone: Book 2
By BJ Deese
May 1, 2005 - 8:30:00 AM

A call to the fire department brings several firefighters to the scene of a burning warehouse.  Collier McClain is beaten to the nozzle of the hose by fellow firefighter Dan Lazano, and it saves Collier's life.  As the two are racing into the burning building, a sniper takes down Lazano.  This is the fourth murdered firefighter in three months.  Collier realizes he could have been the one that was killed.

Detective Kiley Russell shows up to start the investigation.  When she sees Collier, her nerves are rattled.  Ever since she danced with him at a Christmas party, Kiley can't get Collier out of her mind.  And, now they will have to work together, because Collier has just been promoted to Fire Investigator due to the previous one going on maternity leave. 

Kiley and Collier work together to find the shooter that is killing firefighters in Presley.  What could the killer's motives be for wanting to destroy the very people that save lives and put out fires?  As they try to determine that, their own passions are sparking and leaving them wanting each other.  But, this hero and heroine both have had previous experiences that left them cautious about starting a relationship.  Kiley's own father was a man that flitted from woman to woman, and it left her determined to never get involved with a man like him.  Collier's ex-girlfriend left him deeply scarred when he found her with another man.  Can this pair find happiness in each other while trying to also solve the latest murder case?       

Author Debra Cowan did an exemplary job with her research of firefighters.  Details were clearly explained and woven into the story beautifully.  I totally enjoyed being in this clever world of burning fires and burning passion.  MELTING POINT is an excellent novel that readers will want to delve into with enthusiasm, and they'll be entertained quite nicely.  The romance builds at a good pace, and I was certainly impressed with the plot.  Ms. Cowan has written a novel that is sure to be gratifying!

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