Melting the Ice: A Play-by-Play novel

Author: Jaci Burton

Publisher: Berkley Trade

Release Date: February 4, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Carolina Preston is working hard on her upcoming fashion line. She has finally taken a risk and started her own designs. It just happens to be a lot of work and zero free time. She is okay with that because she has no significant other in her life right now anyway. What she does need though, is a hot male to model her designs for men. That is where Drew Hogan, hockey player and irresistible hottie, comes back into her life. They knew each other in college through Carolina's brother. But more than that, they shared a wild, and in Carolina's mind, very special night together. Drew walked away the next day and broke her heart. She is determined to keep their new relationship a strictly work related one.

Drew has other ideas though. He knows he behaved like a jackass when he slept with Carolina. He wants another chance. He is ready for someone special in his life and in a small part of his mind, that person has always been Lina.

MELTING THE ICE is the latest book in Jaci Burton's phenomenal PLAY-BY-PLAY series. This book works nicely as a standalone, however. What is most enjoyable about this book is seeing Drew and Carolina reconnect as adults and not college co-eds. Both are serious about their careers, both have ambitions, and both are lacking that special someone in their life. Carolina obviously has a bit more hesitation to open up to Drew but I felt like she goes from seeing him as a fling to something more important in such a gradual way that it is very believable. I also really enjoyed how important their careers were to them because it really helps flesh out these characters. In particular, the fashion design process was very well done and interesting!

As usual for a Jaci Burton book, the love scenes are scorching. These two clearly had some long held back desire for each other. What is so wonderful is that love and friendship makes itself known very early on in this relationship, imbuing the story and the characters with much more than lust. Jaci Burton is so talented at developing wonderful romances. My heart always seems to go pitter-patter when I read a PLAY-BY-PLAY story and this book is no exception. MELTING THE ICE is a wonderfully diverting and energetic love story!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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