Memo: Marry Me?

Author: Jennie Adams

Publisher: Silhouette Romance

Release Date: May 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Lily Kellaway started Best Secretarial Agency nine months ago, and it’s starting to thrive.  A phone call from Zach Swift threatens to change everything.  His regular secretary is out on long-term leave, and the replacement Lily sent tried to seduce Zach.  A word from him could ruin the agency’s reputation.  She’s got one chance to save the job—and her reputation: convince Zach to take her office manager as his secretary.

Zach listens to Lily’s offer with interest.  And some hostility.  After all, her employee stripped down in his office and waited for his return, draped naked on his leather couch.  Why should he listen?  But Lily’s determination and honesty intrigue him, as does her attention to detail.  She writes down every word of their interview as she offers him her best employee and some free time to make up for the eye-popping incident in his office. 

Zach has a better idea—Lily can take the job herself, or it’s no deal.  He knows she’ll accept.  She’ll do almost anything to protect her business.  And he does need a stellar secretary.  He suspects that she is just the woman for the job. 

Lily agrees to take the assignment, but secretly plans to switch off with her office manager when the right time presents itself.  As the weeks pass, she grows more attracted to Zach, and he seems to return her feelings.  She’s got to get out of his office, and his life!  It’s not just her business and her heart at stake.  She’s got a much bigger secret, and the longer she works with him, the greater the chance he will find her out.  She can’t afford to let anyone discover the truth.

But Zach’s not about to let Lily go.  Not only is she a fantastic secretary, she is a lovely person.  He wants more of her.  Her bait-and-switch routine isn’t going to work.  She’s going to finish the contract, no matter what.

I confess, I loved the setup of this novel!  It’s the classic rich boss/secretary falling in love, but with a fresh twist.  These two come together as equals, and Lily’s got a lot at stake as the owner of a new business.  She’s his secretary, but she’s not.  And the secret she’s hiding from Zach hits all the right notes.  From setup to finish, this novel delivers.  Great personalities, interesting secondaries, and hot chemistry, though this is a sweeter romance. 

Ms. Adams pens another fantastic story, and I look forward to her next release.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Cinnamon

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