Men at Work

Author: Janelle Denison, Nina Bangs, MaryJanice Davidson

Publisher: Berkley Sensation

Release Date: December 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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SLOW HANDS by Janelle Denison


When Tess Monroe visits her hometown of Wynhaven she discovers that her lust for her sexy high-school sweetheart, Morgan Kane hasn't diminished.  Too bad she's only planning to stay long enough to fix up and sell her grandmother's house.  After her mother died, Tess grew up in that house but she's been living in Atlanta since she finished high school.  It wasn't what she really wanted to do but her grandmother convinced her it was the place to be in order for Tess to make something of her life and avoid the mistakes her own mother made.

Morgan Kane has never quite forgiven Tess for deserting him for college and a career in Atlanta.  Her grandmother didn't approve of him and he could only assume Tess agreed he wasn't good enough for her.  Now Tess wants to hire him to renovate her house but Morgan isn't interested in helping Tess cut her last ties with Wynhaven.  He's not ready to forgive Tess for cutting him out of her life, yet he's never quite fallen out of love with her, either.  No other woman has ever made him feel the way she did.  Grown up, she's even sexier than before.  Even knowing she plans to leave, can Morgan resist her?  Will Tess leave Morgan behind forever?





Sparkle Stardust is a cosmic meddler who specializes in bringing the wrong people together, then watching the fireworks as they clash.  Deimos is less experienced and takes the form of a cat while Sparkle shows him how to specialize.  Her latest set-up involves interior designer Amanda Harcourt and painter Conleth Maguire.  Sparkle has hired both to decorate a castle she's secretly purchased. 


Although Amanda has been in New York for several years, she and Con have a history together.  She's not sure why she agreed to return to Galveston to decorate a castle, of all things.  Now that she knows she'll be working with Con she's even less confident about the job.  Especially since the anonymous owner requires them to live in the castle during the renovations.


Sexy bad-boy Conleth Maguire knows exactly how to push Amanda's buttons.  They'll be living and working in relatively close quarters and Con doesn't intend to make things easy for Amanda, personally or professionally.  The air crackles with tension when they're anywhere near each other and a clumsy cat that always seems to be around doesn't help matters.  Will the fire between them burn them up, or build into a blaze of passion?





THE FIXER-UPPER by MaryJanice Davidson


Catherine Wyth is the proud new owner of her first house.  She scrimped and saved and did without until she was finally able to afford it.  The house is old and needs plenty of work but it's hers.  And her sexy new next-door neighbor is a gorgeous enough to have a starring role in a woman's fantasies.  Until he opens his mouth, that is.


Ken Allen is rude, vulgar and seriously lacking in the intelligence department.  Sure, he looks great in a tool belt.  He even helps Cathy move in, whether she wants the help or not.  When she thinks she sees a ghost in her house and gets scared out of her wits, she immediately runs next door to Ken.  He's drunk and clumsily tries to grope her.  She'll take her chances with the ghost.


Cathy is furious when she arrives home one day to find Ken, uninvited and unwanted, standing on a stepladder working on her chandelier.  Cathy yells, Ken's screwdriver slips and the electric current pouring through him knocks him off the ladder.  When he wakes up, it's almost like he's a new man.  Cathy is completely puzzled.  Why did his personality change so drastically after his accident?  Will she give the new Ken a chance?




All three stories share men in tool belts who practically ooze raw male sensuality.  I loved the steamy reunion Tess and Morgan shared in SLOW HANDS and the small-town homey feel of Winhaven.  Sparkle Stardust and Deimos added a whimsical touch to COLOR ME WICKED while the tension between Mandy and Con heated up.  Humor and a touch of the paranormal made THE FIXER-UPPER a quick and steamy read.  If you love sexy men in tool belts, don't miss this anthology!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Alane

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