Men in Motion - Driving Hard
By Lacey
Nov 4, 2008 - 1:57:10 PM

It’s not the norm for Jude Rae to stir up trouble when out on the road.  This mild mannered, gay truck driver keeps to himself and avoids conflict, especially when confronted with issues regarding his sexuality.  So when he offers Logan Bleau a ride in his big rig, he didn’t expect the trouble that would follow them due to speculation.

Logan Bleau is a city boy who has set out on a cross-country tour.  With a law degree and the intention of getting over his ex, he hitchhikes his way across the country, stopping in Texas, where he consequently meets Jude.  The two fall instantly in lust with one another as they set out on the road headed for San Francisco and share passions in between stops.


Though they started out as acquaintances, they have become fast friends and lovers within a short period of time.  The open road gave them the opportunity to reassess their lives and the directions in which they are headed.  Can the two leave the past alone and merge their futures for a life full of love and happiness with one another?


With each chapter in the MEN IN MOTION series, G.A. Hauser gives insight into two different men in the process of falling in love with one another.  DRIVING HARD is no exception.  Jude and Logan are different characters in both the way they think and act.  Jude is older and still dealing with the conservative opinion on homosexuals while Logan doesn’t really care what people think about him.  DRIVING HARD has a wonderful storyline and is a great addition to this fabulous series.

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