Men of Honor 5: Bound for Keeps
By Ann
Mar 10, 2013 - 9:01:22 PM

When Shane collapses in the middle of nowhere at their doorstep Christmas Eve, Reed and Keith know that he’s trouble.  Injured and sick with pneumonia, all they can do is help first and ask questions later but not before they figure out that he is mourning the loss of his lover, Kyle, from some sort of accident.  As these three men play a sort of chess match of secrets, a killer is looking for Shane and is willing to kill for the secrets he keeps and will use Keith and Reed to get to him.  Will they stand by him or fold?

BOUND FOR KEEPS is the latest in the MEN OF HONOR series but is a stand- alone novel. Shane is a loner who is ambushed and stumbles into Keith and Reed’s lives as they are trying to adjust to life without their third, Bobby.  Shane is a mix of a young, vulnerable man who relates to Reed and his PTSD and trauma but also has been through a tough foster care life similar to Keith.  In a way, he is the balance that both men have been missing in their lives.  Reed seems cool and collected but he never dealt with his symptoms until Shane brought it head on.  Keith survived a lot of trauma growing up and with Shane, he gives him the chance to be vulnerable in a way that he can’t with Reed.  At the same token, both men provide Shane a safe haven to let his fears go so when he can face his demons, he is stronger than he thought possible.  The minor characters are interwoven in from previous books and I’m glad they make appearances and I do hope we get to read more chapters in the MEN OF HONOR series.

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