Men on Fire
By Chrissy Dionne
Oct 1, 2009 - 9:41:32 AM

TWO HOT TO HANDLE by Susan Lyons

Jade Rousseau loves working at the Families First Foundation but the simple fact that she isn’t married and has no prospects in the near future could cost her the opportunity to advance to the position as the CEO.  It’s not that she doesn’t want to marry and have children, but the right man hasn’t stepped into her life yet.  With the aid of her friends Amarjeet and Kimberly she devises a plan.  For the sake of her job, she’ll find a fake fiance and in the interest of finding a real husband she’ll embark on a series of one time luncheon or coffee ‘dates’ with acceptable men.  Surely finding Mr. Right won’t be that hard.  She just didn’t expected her friends to bid on the smoldering firefighter she couldn’t take her eyes off of at the ‘It’s Raining Men’ benefit auction.  Could Quinn O’Malley be exactly what she needs despite her aversion to ‘risk takers?’

Susan Lyons delivers a smoldering hot storyline with plenty of humor and emotion in her story TWO HOT TO HANDLE.  Jade and Quinn are passionate about each other as well as their occupations.  It’s Jade’s determination to find someone ‘safe’ that makes it almost blinds her to the possibilities of loving Quinn.




Clothing is such an important part of fashion designer Delta Ballantyne’s life that she can’t imagine anyone not understanding the powerful way it makes a person feel.  That is until she meets firefighter Evan Marshall.  She believes he’ll be the perfect model for her new line of sexy men’s underwear, but rather than jumping at the opportunity he insists there’s no way he wants anything to do with her or her clothing line.  A challenge quickly pits them against each other in a little one-on-one on the basketball court – and leaves them considering a little (or a lot) one-on-one in the bedroom.


Delta and Evan’s differences of opinion about fashion may be the focal point of this story but the truth is it’s not about clothes at all – it’s about their emotional reaction to clothing.  Rachelle Chase takes two characters with entirely opposite views on clothing and thrusts them into a sexually charged situation that will leave readers sighing with delight over their new found relationship.



PLAYING WITH FIRE by Jodi Lynn Copeland

Erica Donelson’s made it her personal mission to convince Lincoln Gabriel to return to firefighting.  He may have been her ex-husband’s best buddy but he’s long since switched his loyalties over to her – and is determined to see to her welfare and can’t very well do that if he’s fatally injured in the line of duty.  What begins as a simple kiss meant to scare Erica off quickly transforms into a lust neither of them can deny – though he’ll sure try to ignore both his desire for Erica and his dedication to firefighting and Ladder 13.


I got a real kick out of reading PLAYING WITH FIRE.  Jodi Lynn Copeland incorporates the playfulness between good friends, sexual tension and a love for firefighting in this storyline.  The sense of uncertainty the characters feel about their relationship definitely endears Erica and Linc to the reader – especially when the ex-husband comes back into their lives.



Undeniably firefighters are the sort of men women fantasies over.  They’re dedicated, strong, confident and downright sexy.  Jodi Lynn Copeland, Rachelle Chase and Susan Lyons capture these lovable traits beautifully in each of the stories in their new release MEN ON FIRE.  The firefighters depicted in these tales work hard and play even harder and they certainly leave no doubt that they’re more than adept at handling any situation thrown at them.  Each of the women displays strong characteristics that make them perfect for her perspective firefighter and gives the reader hope for their future together.  MEN ON FIRE is a wonderfully hot anthology that you won’t want to miss – especially if you don’t have a firefighter of your very own.


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