Mended Promises

Author: Madelyn Hill

Publisher: Treble Heart Books

Release Date: Available Now

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Jake Dillon and his wife Camille are on the verge of a divorce when he gets a mysterious invitation to a hotel in New Orleans.  Thinking he needs the rest, Jake goes to the beautiful hotel.  New Orleans was also the place he and Camille had taken their very romantic honeymoon.  Jake still loved his wife, and his life had become very lonely without her.

To Jake's shock, Camille shows up at his room.  Her grandmother has set them up in the same room, hoping to play matchmaker.  Camille wants him to call the front desk and get another room.  Jake has thought it over and he claims all the rooms are booked in hopes of having a chance to win back his wife.  Will their week in paradise be enough to mend their problems?  Or will their future be one of loneliness and regret for their separation?

The setting is so perfect for the characters, Jake and Camille.  Their love for each other is very evident, but both need to work on compromising.  Can both of them change to make their marriage work?   

This is my first story by author Madelyn Hill, and I immensely enjoyed it.  MENDED PROMISES will surely entertain any lover of romance!  Madelyn Hill does an excellent job of describing the setting of New Orleans, and she makes the reader feel like they are truly part of this wonderful story!  I'll definitely be looking for more work by this writer, and she is sure to become a well-known name among readers and authors alike!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: BJ Deese

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