Mending Fences
By Chrissy Dionne
Sep 4, 2006 - 7:56:00 AM

On a whim, widow Jennifer Marless enters an essay contest in which the prize is a ranch in Spayde, Oklahoma. Her life was shattered when her husband was killed in a highjacking. The privileged life they’d been living turned out to be an illusion. She must find a way to support her son, Aaron. Selling the ranch would provide the money she would need. Once they arrive in Oklahoma things don’t go exactly according to plan.

Only six months after her husband’s death, Jennifer receives the paperwork and phone call informing her that she is the proud new owner of the Split Rail Ranch in Spayde, Oklahoma. She has no desire to uproot her son from everything he’s ever known in the city to relocate to some ranch in the middle of nowhere. The attorney, Reston, insists the property is hers to do with as she pleases. As soon as she mentions selling it, he brings up the fact that there is a ranch manager and selling the ranch puts his employment at jeopardy. Reston pays for traveling expenses for her and Aaron to visit the ranch in the hopes that she’ll change her mind about selling it.

Ranch manager Jace Thompson has run the Split Rail Ranch for ten years. Jace has his own demons to contend with that go far beyond the crumbling-down ranch or the uppity new owner. Jennifer’s strength and determination attract him. He wants her to keep both him and the ranch. She’s begun to open her heart to him but what will happen when she learns about his dark past? Will she be able to trust him?

Star Ferris has penned a heart-touching tale with MENDING FENCES. It’s chock-full of characters readers will love and emotionally charged situations. Jennifer is all city-girl complete with manicured fingernails.

Jace is exactly what you’d expect in a ranch manager including the slow drawl and brutal frankness expected from a cowboy. From the moment they meet the sparks fly and not always in a good way either.

MENDING FENCES is Star Ferris’s first published novel. Congratulations Ms. Ferris! It’s a delightful story and I’ll be sure to watch for many more books to follow in the future.

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