Mending Fences
By Cheryl McInnis
Jun 21, 2012 - 6:23:51 AM

Curran Shaw was a multi-millionaire playboy, now he is a rancher living a solitary existence. When, on a whim, he attends a Halloween costume party, he meets a mysterious woman who somehow manages to pique his interest enough to bring his libido back to life. But she disappears before he can get anything more than an unbelievably good kiss and her first name.

Victoria Linden couldn’t believe it when she realized that the man showing interest in her at a Halloween party was really Curran Shaw, the infamous CEO who dropped out of the public eye the previous year. Knowing that she will never see him again, Victoria can’t resist sneaking just one kiss from Curran. She knows that nothing further will ever come of it, because Victoria has a dark secret from her past that leaves her unwilling to take a chance on loving a man like Curran ever again.

When fate brings the two of them back together, Curran is determined not to let Victoria slip away. But as they spend time together, and grow closer and closer, Victoria’s past and Curran’s insecurities threaten to tear them apart once again.

I found MENDING FENCES to be a sweet, charming romance about two lonely people who are trying to learn how to trust again. Author Lucy Francis skillfully combines an engaging story with well written and likable characters to create a highly enjoyable story.

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