Mending Fences
By Rhea Palmer
Oct 8, 2007 - 9:54:55 AM

Marcie Carter and Emily Dobbs are best friends. Their kids get along and they have supported each other through thick and thin – from Marcie’s overbearing husband to Emily’s divorce. Marcie’s efficient manner compliments Emily’s sometimes quirky nature. But when Marcie’s superstar jock son, Evan, is arrested for raping a college girl, Marcie’s world is thrown into complete uproar.

As Evan’s trial looms, tensions are mounting exponentially. Marcie’s husband is doing whatever it takes to clear his son’s name – going so far as to start a smear campaign against Evan’s accuser. Marcie and Emily draw together during this tough time, but if Marcie knew what secret Emily’s daughter is hiding she might not be so willing to seek comfort in Emily’s company.


The close friendship Marcie and Emily share is similar to the friendship women have in real life. Sherryl Woods makes you examine your innermost parts of your heart to see if you have what it takes to juggle friendship and family without hurting anyone. No one knows what they will do in extreme situations, but Sherryl Woods shows that even the worst circumstances can make friendships grow beyond anything you can imagine.

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