Merry Christmas, Paige

Author: Mackenzie McKade

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: Ebook - December 2009, Print – October 5, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Dr. Paige Weston’s plans for a quiet Christmas in Figi with her mother and sister is sidelined when a child on the plane she’s traveling on gets a toy lodged in his throat.  That little medical emergency means the plane has to be diverted to the nearest emergency center.  Unfortunately that doesn’t mean landing in Honolulu, like Paige thought, they land in Kauai.  The only place she’s sworn never to revisit.

Nathan Cross knows that he screwed up with Paige when he broke off their engagement to marry Sylvia, a woman pregnant with his child.  It’s been five years since he last saw Paige but seeing her again in the hospital where she’s volunteered to help with the emergency room overflow is quite a shock.  With his divorce being finalized in a few days he has plans to visit Paige in Denver, but if facts were known he isn’t sure what sort of reception he’ll receive. 


It happened, the one thing Paige feared happening while in Kauai happened – she encountered Nathan.  Five years since their break up and he still has the power to reduce her to a quivering mass.  To make matters worse, all avenues of escape have been cut off thanks to a hurricane off the coast of Figi.  With the staff at the Kauai hospital hoping to entice her to stay, Nathan has his own reasons for wishing Paige would remain in Kauai.  He genuinely loves Paige and regrets the time they’ve lost, though he’ll never regret having his daughter Cami.  It’s an emotionally draining situation that only serves to remind Paige and Nathan how much time they’ve lost and the pain they’ve suffered because of choices they made.  Is there any hope for a future between them? 


MERRY CHRISTMAS, PAIGE by Mackenzie McKade is emotionally charged from beginning to end.  Paige’s compassion for children pulls at the heartstrings but it’s her long buried feelings for Nathan that really draws the reader into this story.  Combine with the raw emotions a beautiful setting, drama involving an ex-wife and the innocence of a child and MERRY CHRISTMAS, PAIGE is a beautiful story any time of year.



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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