Life in Icicle Falls, book 2 - Merry Ex-Mas
By Dottie
Nov 17, 2013 - 5:34:47 PM

Thanksgiving started out so nice for Cassie Wilkes, owner of the Gingerbread Haus Bakery, but then as her daughter Dani provided something she was thankful for, everything went downhill. Cassie is overjoyed that her daughter is getting married, but the news that Cassie’s ex-husband, Mason, will be walking Dani down the aisle upsets her. The whole time the children were growing up, Mason never had time for them and now he is acting like super dad.  To make matters worse, it looks like Mason, his trophy wife, Bambette, and their irritating little dog will be staying with her during the celebration.

Charlene ‘Charley’ Albach, owner of the local bar/restaurant Zelda’s, was heartbroken when she discovered that her husband had been cheating on her with the hostess at their jointly owned business. They ended up getting a divorce and she has been paying him for his half of the business, as well as his half of their house. Finally, she is trying to get on with her life and enjoying the weekly chick flick nights with her friends. But then Richard walks back into her life, claiming he has changed and wanting a second chance. But Charlene doesn’t know if she can survive a second heartbreak.

Ella O‘Brien grew up with her glamorous mother, who preferred to be called Mims instead of mom, and no father. When Ella married Jake, his parents and siblings became the family she always wanted. But Jake, an aspiring country music singer, is always surrounded by groupies, and when Mims provided evidence that he had been unfaithful, Ella divorced him. However, they are both still living in their dream home as they wait for a buyer, while she works at her mother’s clothing boutique, the Gilded Lily. Meanwhile, Jake is miserable. Striving to fulfill his dream, his life centers around his band, Ricochet, but having his mother-in-law interfere in his marriage is the last straw, although he still loves his wife.

What does Christmas hold in store for these heartbroken women of Icicle Falls and their ex’s?

A heartwarming tale, MERRY EX-MAS, the second book in bestselling author Sheila Roberts’ LIFE IN ICICLE FALLS series, is a delightfully uplifting contemporary romance that is sure to leave you with a warm feeling as it lifts your spirits. Ms. Roberts’ descriptive phrasing and vivid details brings the small town of Icicle Falls to life right before your eyes. As the story unfolds, you cannot help empathizing with these realistic characters and experiencing a wide range of emotions.

Family, heartbreak, betrayal, friendship, forgiveness, healing, Christmas spirit, second chances, laughter and love intertwine to give readers an amazing story they will not soon forget. A definite keeper! Although this story is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone, as I can easily attest to. This is the first Sheila Roberts’ book I have read, but I look forward to reading more. As a bonus, this book includes several yummy recipes to try. Also, be sure to check out the video on YouTube by Jake O’Brien called Merry Christmas Mama, which features many of the characters in this book and features the song that Ella’s husband, Jake, comes up with. Absolutely hilarious, especially after reading the book! Meanwhile, why not pick up a copy of MERRY EX-MAS and while you are at it, pick up a copy for a friend, too. A Recommended Read!

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