Mesmerized Anthology

Author: Sahara Kelly, Ashleigh Raine, Jaci Burton

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: Available Now

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5


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Our first story by Sahara Kelly, SIR PHILLIP ASHTON’S EYES, takes place in London during the time of “coming out” parties and debutant balls.  Miss Abigail Foxworth has been a grand success, but much to her Aunt’s dismay has turned down every suitor that has asked for Abby’s hand in marriage.  She wants a MAN, not some fop who is more interested in his horses or his cards than in her. Abby despairs of ever meeting a man she can want for his mind and body, and who will want her the same way.  Until she meets Sir Phillip Ashton, at a demonstration of mesmerism.  Will this be a match made in heaven for her, or will he make her face her greatest fears?

In MAGIC IN THE WORKS by the writing team of Ashleigh Raine, we meet Elaine Ridgley and Mark Ranzetti.  Mark is Elaine’s new boss, and is supposed to “help” her with her baby, the Greenlight project.  Elaine knows he has been sent to either screw up her project or take credit for all her hard earned work if it is a success.  Elaine also knows that he was sent there because her ex boyfriend, and now current vice president, wants her to fail as a way of punishing her.  If that wasn’t bad enough, just looking at Mark makes Elaine so hot she could set her panty hose on fire.  It really should be illegal to have a boss this good looking.  After they break the ice by being hypnotized on stage, Elaine begins to worry that he will mess up more than her project, Mark could make her break her own rule to never date a co-worker again.  As complications with the project occur they frazzle Elaine, but not nearly as much as the complications of sleeping with her new boss!  How can she keep her mind on the job when all she is thinking about is, can she let Mark go?

TRUE LIES takes us into the future, and a very tantalizing world it is.  Alien criminals caught on Earth are hypnotized with special code words that drop them like a rock if they get out of control.  That is, if they are used right.  Mia Logan is the best hypnotist the Earth’s law enforcement has, and when someone she hypnotizes goes rogue, she wants to get them back.  Ric, a M’Lorian Hunter, does not want to have some strange Earth woman along when he goes hunting a rogue Molkor criminal, but orders are orders.  Neither Ric nor Mia want to work together, but somehow, someway, they are both feeling the pull of unwanted attraction.  When careless words lead to a dare, which leads to some of the hottest sex Mia has ever had, can the web of lies these two have spun about themselves ever be cleared? 


MESMIRIZED is a fabulous treat for anyone who likes laughter, and hot lust mixed into incredible love stories.  This anthology is great for keeping you warm on cold winter nights, and may make you want to find someone of your own to Mesmerize.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Cat Cody

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