Miami Heat
By Natalie
Feb 15, 2010 - 11:18:51 PM

’s life changes in an instant the night she sees a murder take place.  She doesn’t mind going to the police station because she knows that Rafe Jackson will be there to oversee her statement.  When she is denied his presence by the cop handling the investigation, Madison does the only thing she can think of to stay safe – she sneaks away and rushes to Rafe’s home.  After all, he’s basically family, right?


Rafe Jackson’s heart almost stops when he realizes that Madison ran away from the police station.  After a night spent searching for her, coming home and finding her there is a Godsend.  He doesn’t know what he would do if anything ever happened to Madison but knows that to act on his feelings for his beast friend’s little sister might cause tension.  Then Madison has to go and make her wishes known, and Rafe can’t resist the innocent seduction of the woman he adores. However, with the killer Madison saw on the loose, Rafe knows that Madison’s safety must come first and that is what Rafe plans. 


Poor Rafe.  He is a goner from the moment he pulls into his driveway and Madison runs into his arms.  He is loyal to Madison’s family and because of this he doesn’t want to harm his relationship with them.  He is sexy, dark, and dominant but he is also tender and seductive when needed.  I found his character to be top notch and his treatment of Madison is exactly the perfect blend of alpha and gentle.  Madison has always looked at Rafe as a brother so her feelings for him surprise her, but she accepts them for what they are – Madison has fallen in love and doesn’t want to be without him. 


MIAMI HEAT is bold and carnal.  Each touch between Rafe and Madison is smoking hot.  MIAMI HEAT will warm even the coldest of hearts!


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