Midnight Cowboys 1: Midnight Rodeo
By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 1, 2009 - 1:50:43 PM

Talia inherited THE WATERING HOLE bar from her father when he retired.  Since the Rodeo and Wild West Show arrived she’s been busier than ever.  She doesn’t have time for romantic entanglements but Cody and his buddy Reb are simply too tempting to resist.

Cody and Reb are longtime buddies and rodeo partners who share everything.  They’ve shared many women over the course of their friendship and Talia is exactly the sort of woman who appeals to them both – seducing her into their bed seems like a great idea but will their friendship survive the outcome.


Cody and Reb’s appearance in Talia’s bar wouldn’t have gone unnoticed under any circumstances but Talia doesn’t normally act on any attraction she feels toward any of the bar patrons.  However, when the bar crowd begins to get rowdy Cody and Reb take it upon themselves to act as crowd control and ensure Talia’s protection.  With the men’s natural appeal there’s little hope of Talia resisting them so when Cody makes his move and kisses Talia it’s only natural that Reb joins in.  Despite Talia’s discomfort with an unforgettable ménage-a-trois it’s a relationship which none of them will ever forget.  The only problem is that emotions become involved and the friendship between Reb and Cody may not withstand the fallout – especially when the one man Talia wants above all others doesn’t seem to feel the same way about her.    Is there any hope for their MIDNIGHT RODEO to result in a happily-ever-after for any of them?


MIDNIGHT RODEO is the first story in Luxie Ryder’s MIDNIGHT COWBOYS series.  This story kicks off this series with a rousing plot that leaves readers salivating for more.  Talia, Reb and Cody’s intense relationship captivates the imagination and keeps you guessing at what will happen between them.  This is a story that had me laughing one moment and on the verge of tears the next and anxious for a resolution to the whole situation.  


After reading this story and falling a little in love with these characters myself I’m anxious for the next book in the series and the rest of the series because resisting a sexy cowboy is futile even at the best of times. The next story in the MIDNIGHT COWBOYS series, TWO COWBOYS FOR CHRISTIE, is due to be released in early 2009.


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