Midnight Encounters

Author: Elle Kennedy

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: July 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Maggie Reilly is working hard to earn her degree in social work. Along with her job, she volunteers at a local community center and in her “free” time, she studies constantly. Needless to say, Maggie does not have much of a social life. She does however have a special friend named Tony she meets a few times a year to have sex with. That way, she does not have to deal with a relationship and all its pressures. Maggie has just arrived in Tony’s hotel room for another sexy romp when “Tony” wakes up. Only, it is not Tony. Yikes! Embarrassed and chagrined, Maggie hightails it out of the hotel, leaving behind her mystery man.

Popular actor Ben Barrett has just arrived in New York City for some rest and relaxation from the constant media attention. A new “scandal” about him has caused quite the ruckus and Ben needed to get away from Hollywood. He just wanted a good night sleep; Ben never expected to get woken up in such a passionate way. And now he wants to see the woman again. She leaves him with one major clue: the bar where she works. Intrigued and in need of something normal in his life, Ben decides to meet his mystery woman again.


Ben needs a place to lay low. He is also very attracted to Maggie. His solution: stay in her apartment for eight days and give her the sex she has been missing, while he keeps out of the eyes of the media. But can Maggie enjoy a no-strings affair with Ben, keeping her heart safe from the one man who seems determined to win her love?


MIDNIGHT ENCOUNTERS had me hooked from beginning to end! The chemistry, wry banter between Ben and Maggie, and the situation they found themselves in were just the perfect touches for this contemporary romance. Ben may be a celebrity, but he is also looking for love. He has a big heart, a great sense of humor, and an undeniable lust for Maggie. I liked how he stepped up to the plate regarding the “scandal” he was in. He did not just sit back and let the media have its way. Maggie is also a great character. She has had a very hard life but she is making her future one of purpose and hope. She was not prepared for a man like Ben, but she also could not resist him. I liked seeing their backgrounds slowly be revealed as they got to know each other better. This was not an impetuous love affair. Elle Kennedy keeps the dialogue fast-paced and moving, making the courtship between these opposites a game of chess: sly, subtle, and sneaky with plenty of intriguing moves on either side. MIDNIGHT ENCOUNTERS started off with a bang and kept going on strong! I highly enjoyed this romance. Elle Kennedy, you’ve got a new fan!


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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