Midnight Legacy
By Chrissy Dionne
Sep 1, 2007 - 5:51:21 PM

Jordan Remington, matriarch of the Remington family, has effectively put into motion the events that will forever change the lives of everyone involved.   Her husband’s infidelity resulted in an illegitimate child whom Jordan has been searching for because the child named Legacy’s thirtieth birthday is quickly approaching and the day afterward, Harper’s will and the codicil will be made public.   His daughter Legacy, now known as Tara Sellers, has to lay claim to her inheritance by her birthday or it goes to a specified list of charities.  

Without her children’s knowledge Jordan has searched and located her deceased husband’s daughter.   Now she only has to confirm her identity, bring her into the family fold and inform her of her true identity as well as the fact that she’s an heiress.   By using Tara’s work as a paparazzi photographer to her advantage, Jordan arranges for her to be offered steady employment at their magazine Intrepid where Dr. Perry Chase will draw blood using the guise of a drug test.   Perry isn’t thrilled about going along with Jordan’s plans and he knows that Raven and Skylar are definitely going to be furious when they find out about their long lost sister.


Tara Sellers has grown up in a series of foster homes and has never felt like she truly belongs anywhere.   She’s content with her life and her career as a photographer.   The last thing she needs is to find out that she has a family who resents her.   She’s about to have the only identity she’s ever known ripped away from her and she really resents Raven and Skylar’s disgruntled attitudes.   The only upside to the whole situation is getting to know Perry.


Dr. Perry Chase has been a close family friend of the Remingtons for most of his life.   He grew up alongside Jordan and Skylar and endured every heartache right along with them.   He could be considered part of the family.   He’s been asked to try to guide Tara in her new role and to aid the Remington’s in getting her to be more agreeable to their desires, however, he’s finding it impossible to keep her at a distance and soon discovers he wants her for himself.   But will that destroy his friendship with the Remington brothers?


MIDNIGHT LEGACY is the third book in Dee Tenorio’s REMINGTON series.   While I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in this series, MIDNIGHT SONATA and MIDNIGHT TEMPTATION, I have to admit I have been really looking forward to this one.   Something about Tara’s tough-as-nails yet still vulnerable persona really drew me to her and I couldn’t wait to find out more about her and how she handles the situation with the Remingtons.   Throw in a dangerous stalker and Tara’s showdowns with the Remington brothers and you’ve got a fascinating story all by itself. Combine all that with the budding romance between Perry and Tara and this is a story you won’t be able to put down.


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